About the Artist C. Janaye Medina


My Background


My work has continued to be a vital way for me to express my emotions, my life and my dreams. I created a figure called a Morbidiem.

 "Morbidiem" to me means Dark Day. Most of my works depicting these silhouetted dancing figures are in this self developed style.

 The first time I painted a "Morbidiem" work, I was in the storm of my life. I did not think the sun would break through to shine on my heart again. I did not have the words at this time to communicate with the world what was going on. I was 13 Years old and found myself as a "Me Too" long before any of us were able to say it.

   I painted with wild and angry strokes and even used my fingers to make the shapes that my brush refused to fashion for me. But from there came healing. From a place of darkness, came understanding and a revival.


My Medium is Life

  I use many different mediums, such as rich inks, acrylics, and pastels, but my first love and constant friend is oil. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.


I invite you to experience my art as a moving poem without words. Brighten your home with unique art and room decor pieces that will spark  conversations.


My Inspiration


Healing is my true inspiration. I aspire to create a path to healing not just my own traumas, but others as well. I want to bring my visions of beauty and grace to everyone. I want for many to view my work and be moved to question, "Why?"

 Sometimes it is difficult to express a moment in time, a feeling, the thoughts going through your mind in those waking hours of worry, excitement, joy and pain. Sometimes you can't verbalize them. For those who can't speak it, I want to offer a vision of it. 

 A painting can open your eyes where once we may have been blind to so many moments. 

 When people see my work, some see dancers, some see creatures and some see depth. I will never tell you what to see, but i can tell you what it was for me when i created it.